Vyopta Pre-Kickoff Checklist

Vyopta's Collaboration Performance Management (CPM) application provides an immersive view into your organization's investment in video & unified communications infrastructure, with insights on utilization, capacity and adoption as well as real-time monitoring capabilities. This guide is designed to help you prepare your environment for the installation. Please follow the subsequent steps in order to complete your installation.


Ensure You Have Access To Vyopta CPM

Ensure you are able to log into Vyopta CPM. If you have not been setup with an account use this procedure to create an account.

Step 1 - Go to https://my.vyopta.com and click on "Create an account" link as seen below:

*Note* If you have been designated to use our European Cloud, please go to https://my.eu.vyopta.com

Step 2 - Provide your Full Name and Business Email. Then click Continue

Step 3 - After clicking on Submit. You will receive an email within 2-3 hours from noreply@vyopta.com.

Step 4 - Once you receive the email, click on "Verify account"

Step 5 - Fill in your Password for your account, your Company Name and your Company Timezone (Timezone of your companies headquarters).

Step 6 - Click Submit and sign in. Welcome to Vyopta.

Create A Vyopta Support Account

The Vyopta Support Account provides you with the ability to create tickets with our Product Support Team and give you access to hundreds of Knowledge Base Articles that range from How to configure an infrastructure to Frequently Asked Questions.

Use this procedure to create a support account.

Step 1 - Click on the Sign In button located to the top right of this page as seen below.


Step 2 - Click on the Sign up link.


Step 3 - Fill In Information and Click Sign Up when complete.


Step 4 - A verification email will be sent. Once received, click on the link to validate the account.

Provision A Vyopta Data Collector

A server must be provisioned on which the Vyopta Data Collector will be installed and configured. The Vyopta Data Collector is used to communicate with your video infrastructure and endpoints. The server can be either a virtual machine (VM) or physical appliance. The server will need network access to your video infrastructure and will always be running.


Please see the table below for the minimum server specifications:

Memory 8GB RAM
Disk Space 80 GB (OS and Data)
Network 1 Gbps Nic
Operating System

Windows Server 2016+ OR

CentOS 7+ OR


Ubuntu 20.04+

For Vyopta to execute, access is needed as follows

  1. From the Vyopta Data Collector to the Vyopta cloud application
  2. From your UC infrastructure, cloud providers, and endpoints to the Vyopta Data Collector
  3. Ensure the UC infrastructure and Endpoints are on supported versions. Limited support is available for older Infrastructure and Endpoint versions.



How you accomplish this step is dependent on your IT environment and infrastructure. Typically, it involves having the security / Admin team provide explicit access via your Firewall tools.

As a reminder, you must verify access at the Network level and at the OS level on the Server


Vyopta Data Collector Network Requirements

The Vyopta Data Collector as mentioned in the previous section talks directly to both the Vyopta Cloud and your On-Premise infrastructure. 

For Vyopta Cloud Connectivity Information, see URL Requirements for the Vyopta Cloud

For Infrastructure Network Requirements, see Infrastructure Network Requirements

For Endpoint Network Requirements, see Endpoint Monitoring Port Requirements

Vyopta Data Collector Installation

The Vyopta Data Collector installation instructions can be found at Installing the Vyopta Collector

If your organization uses a Proxy server to talk to the internet, please involve your proxy team during the collector install.
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