Collector Maintenance Upgrade

Question: Can we enable collector auto upgrade in our environment?


Vyopta provides regular updates to the on premise data collector in order to be able to provide additional functionality and address existing collection issues. For more information on available upgrades and versions that are no longer supported, you can look at The Vyopta Data Collector Lifecycle document for more detail.

At this time, we do not provide an automated process to upgrade on-premise data collectors. With the new release of the Vyopta Admin Portal, we do have a way if you want to identify a weekly maintenance window, as shown in the screenshot below.


If you set up a maintenance window, this notifies our product support team that you are allowing the support team to update part or all of your on-premise data collector during this window on a weekly basis. Here are the scenarios where Product Support would push out an upgrade to your on-premise data collector. However, it's not guaranteed that you will be upgraded.

  • If you have an open support ticket with us on a collector issue, we might push an updated driver to your collector to assist with the resolution of your ticket.
  • You have a similar configuration that another customer has opened an issue with Product Support on, where you can make use of the fix.
  • You have reached out to Product Support with a support ticket, and asked Support to upgrade your data collector.

A few caveats on collector upgrades

  • Our Cloud collectors that support the collection of the following infrastructure are not part of the Collector Maintenance, and could be updated/upgraded/restarted at any given time. We do try to keep the window on these actions between 5-7PM Pacific Time weeknights.
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Zoom (Meetings and Phone)
    • Webex (including Control-Hub)
    • Office 365
    • Google (Meet and Calendar)
    • BlueJeans
    • Ring Central
  • In the case of an emergency, we may require to patch your collector to address a security or vulnerability issue that is impacting your collectors' operation. This could also be done outside of the maintenance window. For this type of patch, please make sure your security team has been set up as a security contact in the Account Settings in the Vyopta Admin Portal.
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