How To Monitor Endpoint Availability?



Vyopta offers the ability to monitor endpoint availability through its new monitoring system. This allows you to know when an endpoint or a group of endpoints are not online to the Vyopta Collector. 


The first thing to identify is, how you would like to group the endpoints. Endpoints in monitors can be individually selected, filtered by name (example: name starts with NY-*), or by using tags if tags have been created to group them by site or other means. To learn more about tagging, please see: How To: Assign Custom Tags To Your Endpoints.


Once you've identified how you would like to group or select the endpoints, follow the below steps:

1. Head to CPM Monitoring and select Rules located under the Monitors menu on the left. 

2. Click on "Add Monitor."

3. Provide a title for the monitor for your identification in the future.

4. Select "Endpoints" in the Category dropdown, select "Total Count" under the Metric dropdown. 

5. If you want to receive individual alerts for each endpoint, select the "Endpoint" under the Group By dropdown. The graph on the right hand side will show each endpoint individually like below:


6. Under Set Filter Conditions, either click on "Select Individual Endpoints" if you would like to manually select endpoints or click on the "Dynamic Filter" toggle. If you chose to select individual endpoints, after selecting the endpoints, toggle the "Dynamic Filter"

7. In the search, select "Status" and then click on "Select Operator" and choose "Quick Pick" as seen below:


8. Once Quick Pick has been selected, click on the Green Checkmark (Available) and click on the phone icon (In-Call) to deselect them as below:


If you did not want to receive individual alerts and are looking to see if multiple endpoints are down, remove the group by and change the quick picks to the following:


9. Define the status triggers as needed and set up the email or webhook notifications.

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