URL Requirements for the EU Vyopta Suite of Products


Below is the list of URL's that require to be opened, so your Vyopta Data Collector and Users can successfully connect to the Vyopta EU Cloud. With each of these URL's,  we provided some additional information from a security perspective on what each of the URLs provide in connectivity to the Vyopta Cloud.


1. Navigate to https://login.eu.vyopta.com/and confirm that you see a nginx 404 Not Found message

Details - login.eu.vyopta.com  is our user authentication portal that is used for any user (or service) trying to connect to the Vyopta Cloud.   This is also used if your site is using a SSO page.   If this URL is closed,   users or services will not be able to connect to our Cloud.

2. Navigate to https://my.eu.vyopta.com/and confirm that you see the login screen

Details - my.eu.vyopta.com  is our web application for Tech Insights Monitoring,  Tech Insights Analytics and Workspace Insights.   This is required for all users who want to use the Vyopta Suite of products.


3. Navigate to https://api.eu.vyopta.com/and confirm that you see an API response - {"message":"no Route matched with those *values"} *

Details -  api.eu.vyopta.com is used by the collectors to log into vyopta platform and exchange information.

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