How to disable viewing access of your data to Vyopta Support.



Can we disable Vyopta's access to our environment?


To help better support customers, Vyopta support/customer success teams have access to the same interface/data as the customers. However, this capability can be configured to support different security workflow to either:

  • disable permanently

  • or, only be enabled when there is a need for Vyopta’s help.

This document provide steps to enable and disable Vyopta access to your data from Vyopta Admin portal.

Disable Vyopta Access

To disable Vyopta access, you will need to remove “Vyopta Administrator” user:

  1. Select “Users”

  2. Search and delete “Vyopta Administrator” user


Enable Vyopta Access

To enable Vyopta access, you will need to restore the “Vyopta Administrator” user :

  1. Select “Recycle” icon next to the search dialog

  2. Search and restore “Vyopta Administrator” user


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