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The purpose of this Knowledge Base (KB) article is to walk through the steps on exporting collector reports to your Vyopta Collector. This can be handy when data is needed to be exported on a regular bases and used for automation or feeding data into a local database for other applications within your environment.



The only prerequisite to successfully export your data to your collector is running collector version 4.8.1 or above. If you're running a previous version, please upgrading using the following guide: Manual Collector Upgrade with Roll-Back - Best Practice.



1. Select a dataset or dashboard you would like to export.

2. Click on the "Share now or later" button that looks like this (located on the top right hand corner of the page):


3. Select the "Local Report Exporter" option for the Delivery Method:


4. Choose the Frequency and Reporting Period.

5. Provide a name for the file and click on the Save button.

6. Once the report is generated, log into your Vyopta Collector server and navigate to the Vyopta collector directory. On Windows, the location is generally C:\Vyopta. In the Vyopta directory, you should now see a VyoptaDownloads directory with your exported report.

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