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The Office365 (O365) connector is a cloud to cloud connector that allows Vyopta to retrieve calendar scheduling information from collaboration rooms and combine them with data from the endpoints to provide visibility and detailed analysis across your meeting spaces. 

This document will walk through setting up the O365 connector.


Required Authorization level:

Global Administrator Access

The Authorizing User needs to have Global Administrator access within their Microsoft Office 365 tenant to authorize Vyopta data collection.

Required Scopes

Microsoft is depreciating the Legacy Exchange Web Services (EWS) connection and have setup an alternative using the Graph API. 

The Graph API allows Vyopta to talk to your O365 tenant using specific permissions called scopes via an Azure Enterprise Application. Once a global admin consents, an application by the name of "Office365 GraphAPI Collector" is created. 

Below are the scopes Vyopta requests during authorization:

Scope Permission Microsoft Reference
Calendars.Read Allows Vyopta to read calendar events. Link
Directory.Read.All Allows Vyopta to read data in your organization's directory such as users, groups and apps.  
User.Read Allows Vyopta to sign-in to the app, and allows the app to read the profile of the signed-in users. It also allows the app to read basic company information of sign-in users. Link
User.Read.All Allows Vyopta to read users profiles. Link
Place.Read.All Allows Vyopta to read company places (conference rooms and room lists) for calendar events .  Link


Optional Room Distribution List in O365

Vyopta Workspace Insights utilizes a room distribution list to identify which room resources are queried for scheduled meeting data. Typically, these include only rooms containing managed endpoints.

Below is a detailed article on how to create a Room Distribution List. 

How To: Create a Room Distribution List for Workspace Insights with O365

**Note: Distribution Lists or O365 Groups are not supported and will not work**


O365 Integration Setup

To start collecting O365 data you will need to add the O365 Collector to your current data collector by performing the following:

  1. Log into your Vyopta account (requires someone with Admin privileges) 
  2. Select the Admin Portal from the Product Selection menumceclip0.png
  3. Select Infrastructure and New Infrastructure
  4. You'll see a list of available infrastructure like the one below (your view may contain a different set of options). Microsoft Office 365 should be an option
  5. Select the proper Calendar option and fill in the required fields for the Office365 Host Details



Add the Room Distribution List details

If you plan on using a Room Distribution List to sync the rooms to the Vyopta Workspace Insights, fill in the required fields:

  • User Agent is currently a required field however is a legacy requirement from Microsoft. Please enter any email ex.
  • The Room (Distribution) List Address will be the email address of the room distribution list created above. 
Multiple Room Distribution Lists are supported and must be comma delimited



O365 Authorization

When adding an Office365 system for which OAuth authorization is required, the following steps should be undertaken:-

1. Scroll down to O365 Authorization and expand the section


Click on the 'CLICK TO AUTHORIZE' button

You should then be presented with a Microsoft login prompt. This login should be completed using the credentials for a user that has the Global Admin role. 

Once logged in, the following is displayed


If the text in the box is not displayed, then the Global Admin role is not present for the chosen user.


Once this has been accepted, it should be possible to validate the connection.

Validation for the first time can take up to a couple of hours to succeed. This is generally related to Microsofts replication

Click the Save button to apply your changes.


Optional Limit Mailboxes accessible by Vyopta:

The Vyopta collection is limited to "Room Mailboxes", however some company policies may require a strict list of rooms Vyopta can access. This can be done by limiting the application permissions to specific Exchange Online Mailboxes which is a Microsoft feature. To read more about limiting application permissions, please see: Limiting application permissions to specific Exchange Online mailboxes


What Vyopta Collects from mailboxes:

Vyopta collects the following from mailboxes:

- Meeting Subject for meetings that are not flagged as "Private"

- Meeting Start Time and End Time

You can limit Vyopta from seeing you data by disabling access to your environment. Please see: How to disable viewing access of your data to Vyopta Support.

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