What is Local Report Exporter?

In Tech Insights Analytics, when you try to share a report you can now see that there is a new option called as the 'Local Report Exporter'.

What does it do?

This feature lets you send custom reports to a location specified in your 'Custom file interface', which has been configured in your Vyopta admin portal (as shown below).


Once you enter the Name and Description, hit Save and then the following will be displayed shown below:


By default files will be downloaded to the VyoptaDownloads folder beneath the installation directory. This path may be changed using the custom file folder location settings.


If you are running multiple collectors you may assign the download facility to a specific collector instance using the collection agent setting shown above in the details pane. This normally be your default collector.

If you have newly created this Custom interface facility you will need to explicitly enable the infrastructure component before the interface will function.

How to send a report using Local Report Exporter?

In Tech Insights analytics you can navigate to the tab from which you would like to send out a custom report as you would previously do.

With Local Report Exporter you can schedule this report to be send to this specified location instead of receiving it in your email.

Reports are send out only in CSV format and you can schedule the report to be send once, daily, weekly or monthly to the folder.



Reporting period for the report can be anything starting from 7 days.



Note: If you have a third party application that need to access these Vyopta reports to generate any specific reports for your organization, this helps you to automate the whole process. You do not have the hassle of having to download each file and placing in a particular folder.





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