How to setup webhooks for Monitors (alerts) notifications



The purpose of this knowledge base article is to help guide you through setting up simple webhooks that were introduced within our Tech Insights Monitoring - Monitor Notification section.

Webhooks allow you as a user to send triggered monitor notifications directly to any system that is publicly accessible to either generate tickets, create chat alerts or run automation!


Where to go to setup Webhooks

In Tech Insights Monitoring, click on Rules which is located under the Monitors section on the Menu. For webhooks you can either modify a rule that already exists or create a new monitor. 

Once in the Monitor, webhooks can be setup under the "Notify" section. 


How To Setup Webhooks

Once the metric has been defined and the conditions have been set, webhooks can be setup under the "Notify" or "Notify your team" section.


Click on the threshold Critical, Warn or Info, and click on the "Webhook" button as seen below:


Give the Webhook a name, a URL of where the Webhooks are supposed to be send, the days and timeframe of when the webhooks can be sent. 


Under the Data field, click on the menu at the top right hand corner and select one of the preset templates or custom webhook data can be written. The Data field accepts JSON format.


What URL should be used

If you've selected one of the preset templates, for example MS Teams Notification or Slack, a Webhook URL needs to be generated on the MS Teams or Slack side. If you're configuring a Webhook for a 3rd party, please see how they accept Webhooks.


For MS Teams Webhooks, the following microsoft document from Microsoft provides instructions on setting up a Webhook. 

For Slack Webhooks, the following slack document from the Slack API provides instructions on setting up a Webhook.

For Webex, the following webex documentation from the Webex API provides instructions on how to setup a Bot and send messages.


Should you need assistance with writing a more complex Webhook, please open a case with Vyopta Support.



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