The Vyopta Data Collector Support Lifecycle


In order to ensure that we are able to offer the latest features to our customers it is necessary that the Vyopta Data Collector be upgraded when it has reached the end of its supported lifetime. 



Vyopta has adopted a policy of supporting data collector release of the current GA (General Availability) release and two (2) previous GA releases. For example, if the current GA release is at version 4.8.7 then both version 4.8.6 and 4.8.5 will also be supported - older releases will not be supported

Once a collector has had a GA release there will be a 30 day grace period for performing any necessary upgrades of collectors that have newly reached end of support.

When a data collector has reached the end of its supported lifetime (as defined above) Vyopta will be unable to assist customers with collection issues until such time as the collector is upgraded to a supported version.


Version End of Support
Vyopta CPM Data Collector 4.8.7 TBD (30 days following release of 4.8.10 RC or equivalent GA)
Vyopta CPM Data Collector 4.8.6  TBD (30 days following release of 4.8.9 RC or equivalent GA)
Vyopta CPM Data Collector 4.8.5 TBD (30 days following release of 4.8.8 RC or equivalent GA)
Vyopta CPM Data Collector 4.8.4 6th February 2023
Vyopta CPM Data Collector 4.8.3 or earlier 22nd October 2022
Vyopta CPM Data Collector 4.7 or earlier 17th January 2022
vAnalytics Data Collector 3.x or earlier 30th September 2021
Vyopta Endpoint Monitor 3.x or earlier  30th September 2021
Vyopta Data Collector End of Support




Vyopta will notify customers of a new CPM Data Collector release when logging in to - release information is also provided in the Releases section of our knowledge base.


Determining the Version of the Collector you are Using

In order to identify the version of the collector in use, please use the Vyopta Administrative Centre - once logged in a page similar to the below will be shown


Note on the top bar there is an item labelled 'Vyopta Collector' - hovering over this will drop down a list of the the collectors you are running, and display the version:



Upgrading Your Collector

Instructions on how to upgrade the collector can be found in Upgrading the Vyopta Data Collector

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