Will changing SNMP Port impact anything?



Will changing SNMP Port impact anything in Vyopta?


Changing the port we use to poll the cube devices (currently 161) is a per device configuration change. This can be set for each cube in the Vyopta Admin Portal. Changing the SNMP listening port for the collector can be done at the same place. This is currently set to 162. All devices being monitored that send SNMP traps will use any new port set once the collector has been restarted.

Please note that you may need to take action to permit traffic incoming to the new port on both the machine running the collector and any firewalls between the infrastructure and the collector. This activity has to be undertaken locally as Vyopta is unable to make these changes remotely.

For example, if you change the trap port to be UDP 262 then you would need to ensure that UDP port 262 was open on the collector machine and that all of your firewalls allow that same traffic. Any collection issues experienced with a new port will most likely be caused by local configuration not permitting the required traffic flows.


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