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Vyopta Collector 4.8.0 - Release Notes


Release Date: Sept 13th 2021 


Release notes - Collector - Version  4.8.0

New Features

COL-2553 Allowed collection of callingsearchspace and routepartition from CUCM

COL-2530 Ability to pull the master trunk from CUBE for CPM Analytics

COL-2526 Patched security vulnerabilities 

COL-2512 Ability to collect realtime metrics from CUCM 

COL-2495,  COL-2453 Improved CUBE collection along with CDR support.

COL-2481 Vyoptacollector.jar  support with Cross Platform Installer.

COL-2465 Collector improvements to report metrics if the underlying system does not support the metrics

COL-2425 Database Drivers: Make TLS version configurable for TMS

COL-2417 Galaxy and Broker: Allow setting metric type to gauge

COL-2403 CUBE driver: Add support for CDR collection

COL-2303 Allow support for third party Credential Providers as an alternative to storing endpoint passwords in the VAP - CyberArc support only

COL-2228 Generic collector support for non system collection 



COL-2434 Polycom Gs/HDX: Fixed NullPointer Exception during data polling

COL-1501 Issue with updating of Endpoint password if Endpoint was updated while Collector was running

COL-2548 CUBE - Ability to calculate latency on cvVoIPCallActiveReceiveDelay as an option

COL-2537 Control Hub Registered Endpoints - Target Alias for Zoom, Webex is a GUID

COL-2525 Resolve MS Teams file sizes that are uploaded to the Vyopta Cloud.

COL-2517 Address high volume of CMS call data with our G1 On-Premise product.

COL-2500 Fixed issue where collector would wake Polycom Real Presence Group 500 systems from standby

COL-2491 Addressed encoding issues from CUCM

COL-2431 Addressed issue were some IX5000 endpoints where not recognized by collector.

COL-2421 Poly G7500 supported endpoints show erroneous negative call rate

COL-2561 Allow setting to disable registration of HTTPFeedback Channel on Cisco endpoints.

COL-2463 Fixed TLS issue for database collectors (TMS)

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