CUCM services and collection impact if disabled


What are the impacts on CUCM services and collection if disabled?


In our Set Up For Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) using Admin Portal article, we defined a set of Cisco services that are required for a successful CUCM collection. These services are:

  • Cisco Call Manager 
  • Cisco CTI Manager
  • Cisco SOAP – CDRonDemand Service
  • Cisco CAR Web Service
  • Cisco AXL Web Service

Here is the impact if you do not enable the above services

  • Cisco Call Manager Service  -  Cisco has recommended  that you shouldn't run the call manager service on a publisher node,  especially if its in a clustered environment.   If you are running the latest version of the Vyopta Data Collector (4.7.0)  we have updated our collector to work without the Call Manager Service. 
  • Cisco CTI Manager Service   - This service provides us with all the realtime information from CUCM along with device registration status.   If this service is turned off,  we will not be able to collect this data,  and you will see an error when validating the system like this one.  If you are only concerned with CDR type data from CUCM,  you can continue to collect CDR data without this service.  The work around for not using the CTI service,  would be adding a Subscriber that we can collect the realtime data from.
  • Cisco SOAP – CDRonDemand Service   - This service is required for CDR collection.  
  • Cisco CAR Web Service - This service is required for CDR collection. 
  • Cisco AXL Web Service - This service is required for CDR collection



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