Migrating Endpoints from CUCM/TMS to Control Hub in Vyopta

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new capability that will allow you to migrate your Vyopta Endpoint Data from your existing CUCM/TMS registered endpoint to your cloud registered Control-Hub endpoints. This new capability will make it easier for you to move your endpoints to the cloud with as little manual intervention as possible.

In order to enable this new capability, you will need to enable our new Cisco Webex (Control-Hub) collector in the Vyopta Admin Portal. To enable, you can follow the steps outlined in this article: Setup for Cisco Webex (new OAuth integration) with Admin Portal. Once you have set up the collector, you will need to make a change to your collection in the Admin Portal. With the new collection you set up, you will need to set the Collection Preferences section to enable the download of connected devices in Control Hub as shown in the screenshot below.


Once the above setting is applied, and your new collection is active, we will automatically start pulling your connected devices back into our managed endpoints. Here are the steps we do inside of Vyopta when we start collecting devices from Control Hub:

  • We pull your managed endpoints from Control Hub and add them to the Managed Endpoint List in the Vyopta Admin Portal.
  • We check to see if the endpoint has already existed by using the serial number to determine if the endpoint was previously registered with TMS (CUCM/VCS).
  • If we find the endpoint has already existed and is active, we update the existing endpoint record with the new Control Hub registration, which overwrites the old TMS (CUCM/VCS) registration.
  • If we find the endpoint has already existed and is not active, we will update the entry with the new Control Hub registration, and re-enable the endpoint so it will
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