Adding a user in Vyopta throws error - " the user already exists"


Issue: I am trying to add a new user into my account. When I try to add the user, I am getting the error -   'the user already exists' . However when I look in my list of users this user cannot be found.


Solution: This error is thrown when the user was previously added and has been deleted / removed due to some reason.  If you cannot find the specific user in the users list, check the recycle bin. 

Recycle bin can be found in the Vyopta admin portal -> Users tab, in the top right corner as shown below. Clicking on the recycle bin icon will bring up the recycle bin pop-up.



Select the user you are trying to add and then click on the Restore Selected button. The user will now be visible in your Users tab. You can reset the password or edit other details if necessary.




Note: This action can only be performed by users with access to the Admin portal. For more information on how to manage users in Vyopta, please refer to our Managing Users in Vyopta article.



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