Validation Failed Error, when validating Infrastructure or Endpoints with a 504 Error



When I try to validate an endpoint or system in the Vyopta Admin Portal (VAP)  I see the following error message come up in the Portal



How can I resolve the error with a status code of 504?


The 504 error code is related to a connection that could not be completed by a gateway (in this case,  its the Vyopta Data Collector)   There are two scenarios where this can happen.


The broker connection is not available for your organization

With the release of our Vyopta Collector,  and the setup of infrastructure and endpoints have moved to our cloud based VAP,  we developed a way that you can validate endpoints and infrastructure from our portal.  However for this to work,  you will need to enable our broker URL with the collector.  If the broker is not active with your collector (as shown with a red infinity symbol with a red line through it)

you will not be able to validate your infrastructure or endpoints .



If this capability is important to you,  you will need to reach out to the owner of your Vyopta installation with your company to see if you can have it enabled.   If your organization agrees to enable the broker interface,  please reach out to our Support Team and we will be happy to assist with the enablement.


Underpowered Collector Server 

The other scenario we see on occasion is that the server thats hosting the collector could be underpowered,  and the collector is not able to run the validation requests, before a timeout was encountered by the VAP.     Ideally, the collector server should have a maximum CPU utilization of 70% at any given time.  This will allow spikes to take place,  and have enough CPU overhead to recover from any CPU spikes from processes on the collector server.


Your collector server should be able to meet our minimum requirements as published in the VAP (as shown in the Getting Started Guide)


CPU Dual CPUs (2.4GHz or higher)
Memory 8GB RAM
Storage 80GB disk space (OS and Data)
Network 1 Gbps NIC
Server Operating System Windows Server (2012 R2, 2016, 2019) CentOS 7/6+ or RHEL 7/6+
Java Java 11 (bundled with installer)






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