SQL Server connectivity issues with Data Collector 4.7

If you are experiencing trouble collecting data from the TMS or SfB databases when running a Vyopta data collector version 4.7 with windows authentication then please note the below.


The DLL that is shipped with the Vyopta data collector does not match up with the new database driver


Download the new SQL driver from here. Expand the folder and located the file marked in red below. Note: It needs to be the one from the x64 directory.

  • Rename the file from “mssql-jdbc\_auth-9.2.1.x64.dll” to “sqljdbc\_auth.dll”.
  • Stop the Vyopta Data Collector Service.
  • Place this file in the folder: /.libs, thus replacing the old file available in that folder.
  • Restart the Service.

When setting Windows Authentication for database access by the Vyopta Data Collector, the credential fields in the configuration utility are greyed out. When using Windows Authentication the credentials used are that of the process needing to authenticate - in this case, the Vyopta Data Collector service - the credential fields in the configuration utility are unavailable since the information they they supply is not relevant to the authentication process.

In order to set credentials, these must be set at the service level for the data collector. To do this, follow the instructions in the Running the data collector using a service account article.

To install the Vyopta Collector, download the vyoptacollector.xml file and then click continue. Download the Vyopta Collector for either Windows or Linux. For installation instructions, please refer to the Installing the Vyopta Collector article.

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