Can we set up a report in CPM Analytics to see the Zoom CRC License in use ?



Can we set up a report in CPM Analytics to see the Zoom CRC License in use at any given time?


No, this feature is not currently available in CPM Analytics. However, you can create a panel in CPM Monitoring to see the number of Zoom CRC Ports in Use and CRC Port Capacity. This information can be grouped based on Manufacturer, Bridge Name, Bridge Id or System Type.

To validate a successful data collection from Zoom, you can see your Zoom Users as shown below. To check the capacity usage with your Zoom Account, follow the steps below:

1. In the left Rail, select Dashboards, and select Capacity Dashboard and select a dashboard that you would like to add a trend panel to.

2. Once you have selected a dashboard, add a Trend Panel (as shown in the screenshot below).

3. For the panel options please use the following as shown in the screenshot below:

  • Select Category - Capacity
  • Select Metric (Value) - Concurrent Meeting Peak (by System)
  • Select Group - leave the default of (no grouping)
  • Select Display Type - leave the default as Area Trend
  • Filter, click on the Systems button, and under the section of Bridge, select ZOOM
  • And then save the Panel

At this point, you should have a new panel that shows your daily peak concurrent meeting count (like the one below).


If you run into issues where you are not seeing your Zoom data in CPM Analytics, please refer to our Troubleshooting Data Collection Issues in CPM Analytics article for more information.

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