How can we manage disk space while configuring CUCM Push Based CDR Collection in Admin Portal?


In PUSH based CUCM CDR collection, how can we manage the disk space that will be occupied by the CDR files on a daily basis? Does the files need to be stored on the Collector VM?



In CUCM push based system, what happens to the CDR file is as follows:

  • The folder where CDR files are pushed on the collector VM is monitored by the collector at a specified interval. When CDR files are pushed from CUCM, those are moved to the 'upload' and 'forward' folders, under the same folder.
  • Files from the 'upload' folder are then uploaded to Vyopta portal for processing on the back end. If forwarding to another SFTP server is enabled, files from the 'forward' folder will be forwarded to the specified FTP/SFTP folder.
  • When a file is successfully uploaded or forwarded to SFTP server; it is deleted from the respective folder.
  • Files should be seen briefly as they are collected and cleared as they are successfully uploaded to Vyopta. By default, this is done every 10 minutes, but can be adjusted as needed.

Note: If you have met the minimum requirements for Vyopta collector VM, you should be good on the disk space since the CDR files get removed quickly and will be on the VM for a very brief period.

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