Engaging With Vyopta Support

Engaging With Vyopta Support

This document describes how Vyopta Product Support can be engaged when you have an issue with the Vyopta product. Our primary support model operates on a self-service basis, whereby customers are required to seek solutions to their queries through our online resources. However, we understand that some issues may require additional support, and therefore, we maintain staff during specific times to assist with issues that cannot be resolved locally. Our support team in the UK operates from 9 AM to 5 PM local time, while our team in the US Central Time Zone operates from 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday, subject to local holidays and other factors.

Please note that we offer web-based ticketing as our sole means of support.

In case of encountering a Severity 1 issue, please check status.vyopta.com for any current issues.

In order to ensure that Vyopta is able to offer the best possible support experience, it is essential that all support requests and communications take place via the Vyopta helpdesk at https://support.vyopta.com.

Any request for assistance received, or case raised, by other means (email, phone call, IM session etc) will not be accepted by the Vyopta support team for the following reasons:

  • Such requests are visible to only one team member
    • This team member may be off-shift, busy, absent or on vacation – it may therefore be many days before you receive a response.
  • In-ticket documentation is necessary to allow other engineers to work on the ticket or provide input
    • Engineers work in many time-zones – synchronous handover may not be possible
    • A high-priority ticket may ‘follow-the-sun’ – the ticket must contain the hand-over information.
  • Should an escalation be required, all relevant documentation is present in the ticket
  • Ticket queues are monitored – other channels are looked at only as availability permits

If you are receiving this document in response to a request for assistance that was not sent via the helpdesk then please take the following actions:

  • Visit the help centre at https://support.vyopta.com/hc - in many cases you will be able to find the answer to any issues you are experiencing in our knowledge base
  • If you cannot find the answer to your problem, then raise a ticket at https://support.vyopta.com and an engineer will get back to you as soon as one is available. If you already have a ticket open for your issue then all communications should be through that ticket.

All tickets raised should contain the following information:

  • A description of the fault seen – this must be as specific as possible
  • Where appropriate, a description of what is expected to be seen
    • Any error messages displayed
    • Screenshots showing the problem
    • An impact statement, if possible.


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