New in Tech Insights Monitoring: Intelligent Monitoring Engine

Intelligent Monitoring

Vyopta’s new Intelligent Monitoring Engine is now live for all customers! When compared to our Legacy Monitors (aka “Alerts”), this new functionality delivers vastly superior granularity. This new release will:

  • allow you to create a monitor for any Tech Insights Monitoring Dashboard metric,
  • provide an improved configuration page with the ability to set different thresholds to avoid noise,
  • and the ability to see live states of all monitors in one view, and much more!

Watch the 7-minute video below for an overview of this new engine!


Intelligent Monitoring Engine FAQ:

  • Will my Legacy Monitors (Alerts) still work?
    • Yes. until February 1st 2024,  all legacy “Alerts” will be supported.
  • Can I have both Legacy Monitors and new “Monitors” live at the same time?
    • Yes. During the beta period both platforms will be live and fully supported.
  • What happens if I have a Monitor and an Legacy Monitor set for the same metric?
    • You will receive two alerts - one from the legacy engine and one from the new Intelligent Monitoring Engine
  • Will my Legacy Monitors “Alerts” be migrated over?
    • At this point in time the new Intelligent Monitoring Engine will be “starting from scratch.” 
  • Should I be making Monitors for metrics that are already covered in the Legacy Monitors engine?
    • Yes, to the extent that it helps you build confidence in the new engine please build new monitors that are duplicative of the legacy Monitors engine. This way you’ll also see all of the additional possibilities around granularity improvements and thresholds that can make your Alerts even more relevant. Please be prepared to receive duplicative notifications while both are still enabled.
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