How to export list of managed endpoints from CPM Analytics


In order to get a list of managed endpoints from Vyopta, open CPM Analytics and navigate to Endpoints tab.



Click on the 'Share' (icon: arrow) at the top right corner of the page and the below screen pops up.

Export types: You can select the way you want the export to be send to your email.

Frequency: Options Available are - Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly 

Example: If you select weekly, a report will be send out to the listed email id's weekly.

Days: You can select the days of the week you want the report to be send.

Reporting period: You can select the appropriate reporting period relevant to you from the list of options available.

Example: If you have selected frequency as weekly, selecting last 7 days will be appropriate.

Message: You can customise the message to suit your needs.

Subject: You can customise the message to suit your needs.

Emails: Enter the recipients email ids separated by a comma. 



You can see the list of reports by navigating to 'Reports' tab. A report that was shared with frequency 'Once' will not be shown here since it was a once time report and not scheduled for weekly or monthly.





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