Enabling OAuth Authentication for Office365 Collection

When adding an Office365 system for which OAuth authorisation is required, the following steps should be undertaken:-

1. Define the infrastructure in the Vyopta Administrative Portal and click 'Save'

2. Once saved, scroll down to O365 Authorization and expand the sectionmceclip0.png

Check the Use OAuth? checkbox, and then click on Save.


Once saved, click on the 'CLICK TO AUTHORIZE' button

You should then be presented with a Microsoft login prompt. This login should be completed using the credentials for a user that has the Cloud application administrator role. 

Once logged in, the following is displayed


If the text in the box is not displayed, then the Cloud application administrator role is not present for the chosen user.


Once this has been accepted, it should be possible to validate the user.

To complete your configuration, please fill out the Room Distribution Lists configuration section, as described in Vyopta Workspace Insights Deployment Guide For Exchange / O365 and Google Calendar with Admin Portal





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