Trending and Metrics for Percentage/Rate-based Data in Tech Insights Analytics


You can measure and track service reliability of your endpoints and infrastructures by creating KPI and trend panels for metrics such as Availability %, Down % and Utilization Rate for Endpoints, and Availability % and Down % for Systems in Tech Insights Analytics.

Vyopta has the capability to generate KPI and trends for Endpoint and System level metrics such as Availability %, Down % and Utilization Rate in Tech Insights Analytics®. This is available to all customers where we are monitoring endpoints and systems in real time.

  • Endpoints
    • Endpoint Availability %
    • Endpoint Down %
    • Endpoint Utilization Rate
  • Systems
    • System Availability %
    • System Down %

To configure, create a KPI or Trend Panel in your dashboard. Select one of these metrics as the value and configure the Panel with the filters, date ranges, and parameters that you desire.




Example Panels:


To learn more about how to identify your most utilized and least utilized endpoints in the Endpoints Dataset, please see our How To Monitor Endpoint Availability article.

To learn more about tagging, please see our How To: Assign Custom Tags To Your Endpoints article.


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