New Table Usability Features - September 2020

We’re constantly working to improve your Vyopta experience, here’s a summary of what you’ll notice starting today:

For both CPM Monitoring and CPM Analytics, when you are viewing tables of data in Datasets:

  • Multi-Sort Capability: This is a big one! This feature allows you to order your dataset by multiple table columns. For example, you can sort to see a dataset in order of quality and then data source so that your bad quality calls come to the top, and of those bad quality calls, group them by data source to spot and systemic trends.*To enable multi-sort, click on one column title and verify the selection by seeing the triangle icon. Then hold the shift key and select your secondary sort. You can continue to hold shift while selecting up to 5 columns.


  • Snap to Fit Table Columns: Yes, you read this right. You now have the ability to resize your table columns with precision. *To enable this feature, simply double-click on the right edge of the column header.


  • Table Scrolling Enhancement: You now have left-right scrolling capability that will be helpful if your table contains a lot of columns. This feature allows you to see all of your data without having to resize your column widths!


  • Table Sizing Memory: If you resize your table components, those settings will be remembered in Vyopta, so you don’t have to do it again. One and done!
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