Vyopta Collector 4.5.0 - Highlights and Release Notes

Release Date :  August 10, 2020 


Key Highlights for 4.5 GA release
  • New features & Improvements
    • CUBE Driver: Refactored with better SNMP resiliency and logging
    • Exchange/O365 driver - Support for attendee count and labelling private meetings
    • Support for CMS system type for all new on-boarding
    • Cisco Endpoint Driver: Add support for new Webex/Status API for reporting status from cloud registered endpoints
    • Galaxy platform: Support for selective log tracing & improved metrics
  • Bug fixes
    • Galaxy platform
      • Refresh token expiry 
      • Exception handling
    • CUCM Driver - Fix AXL role validation and collection
    • VCS Driver
      • High CPU spike issues
      • Endpoint registration status recovery 
      • Improve System down reporting
    • Skype & TMS
      • Error handling
      • Memory optimization
    • Exchange/O365 driver - SSL certs & ciphers issues
    • CTPS Driver - Fix validation method closing http listener
    • Null pointer exceptions (NPE) error handling for the following drivers - VCS, CTPS, MCU


  • [COL-1808] - VCS driver: Fix issues with quality data reporting
  • [COL-1856] - Dolby Endpoint Driver: Fix issue with incorrect Call id/Call type
  • [COL-2014] - Pexip Driver: Improve error handling for historical and realtime collection
  • [COL-2015] - Skype Driver: Fix exception handling with historical document upload
  • [COL-2029] - CUCM driver: Fix issue when new endpoint status is not changed after the system is disabled
  • [COL-2048] - VCS Driver: Fix Null Pointer Exception Issues
  • [COL-2060] - CTPS Driver: Fix issue with validation method closing http server
  • [COL-2062] - Galaxy platform: Collector scheduler doesn't handle exceptions in lazy init
  • [COL-2066] - TMS Driver: Resolve memory issues related big historical document collection
  • [COL-2069] - Exchange Driver: Handle invalid ssl certs & ciphers
  • [COL-2071] - Galaxy Platform: Enable setting numOfParticipants attribute on a VMR
  • [COL-2075] - CMS Driver: Remove excessive debug logging
  • [COL-2077] - VCS Driver: Fix issues with high CPU spikes on Collector server
  • [COL-2095] - VCS driver: Fix Endpoint status issue when connection is lost temporarily
  • [COL-2100] - Skype Driver: Escape xml characters from historical documents
  • [COL-2102] - MCU & CTPS Driver: Handle NullReferenceException in conferenceEnumerate process
  • [COL-2104] - Galaxy Platform: Fix issue with elapsed metric corruption & validation logging for troubleshooting
  • [COL-2105] - Exchange driver: Add additional metrics and logs for schedule issues
  • [COL-2111] - Galaxy platform: Throw IO Exception on system unreachable
  • [COL-2125] - Galaxy: Handle refresh token expiry
  • [COL-2126] - Roomkit Driver: Fix Issues with monitoring and validation of non-Roomkit endpoints
  • [COL-2136] - Skype Driver: Fix issue with refreshing DB connection when system changes
  • [COL-2141] - Skype & TMS Drivers: Fix metadata update issues on large incremental delta doc uploads for the same table
  • [COL-2055] - Installer: vyoptacollector.sh build for Linux stopped working
  • [COL-2080] - CUBE Driver: Fix issue with SNMP service failures causing hanging calls
  • [COL-2091] - Cisco Endpoint Driver: Add support for new Webex/Status API for reporting status from cloud reg endpoints
  • [COL-2112] - VCS Driver: Fix Issue where System Down is not reported as Unreachable
  • [COL-2115] - Galaxy Platform: Fix encoding issue for compressed historical documents
  • [COL-2139] - Galaxy platform: Add self-signed certs support for broker connectivity
  • [COL-2142] - CUCM driver: Fix issues with AXL role validation and collection


  • [COL-1949] - Galaxy platform: Enable support for new realtime detail-deltax message formats
  • [COL-1962] - Skype: Add support for new realtime detail-deltax message formats
  • [COL-1984] - Galaxy platform: Enable WinRM client support collection
  • [COL-2046] - CMS Driver: Enable support for CMS system type alongside ACANO system type
  • [COL-2052] - Exchange/O365 Driver: Add Support for collecting attendee count and labeling private meetings
  • [COL-2058] - Galaxy platform: Add support for selective tracing in logs
  • [COL-2076] - Galaxy platform: Add support to throttle upload for historical documents
  • [COL-2096] - Galaxy platform: Support for Trunk SDK and SNMP collection
  • [COL-2117] - Galaxy Platform: RealTime Collector improvements in exception handling
  • [COL-2123] - Cisco Endpoint Driver: Add support for Call Direction reporting
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