Webex Calls Showing as Audio they were Video Calls


When using Webex devices that connect to Microsoft Teams, newer Webex devices have the ability to join Microsoft Teams calls using a standard feature called WebRTC. The are able to use the URL of the meeting to dial in, this is also generally done via OBTP. WebRTC calls use a built-in browser engine to perform the calls and do not use the core endpoint features to dial in. WebRTC are also calls that are not visible in Control Hub nor the Control Hub API.

Vyopta is not able to see live WebRTC calls, however once a call is ended, the call should be visible for us to collect. This will also include the Microsoft Teams meeting IDs!. Vyopta is currently working on the ability to capture those calls after it ends which then should be visible in Tech Insights Analytics. We do not have an ETA on this feature yet.

The classification of a MS TEAMS call type by Vyopta depends on the information contained within the Call Detail Record (CDR) supplied by the TEAMS platform. Within the CDR, call types are classified by 'modality': the possible types are comprised as combinations of the following:

  • audio
  • video
  • videoBasedScreenSharing
  • screenSharing - no useful information is provided within the CDR for this modality

Vyopta will classify a call as one of:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Unknown

This classification will be performed as follows:

  • Video - when the Video modality is present, or when VideoBasedScreenSharing is the only modality.
  • Audio - when the call has the Audio modality only, or the modalities are Audio and VideoBasedScreenSharing together, since this is an audio call with screen sharing
  • Unknown - when no audio or video modalities are present.

For more information, please consult the Microsoft documentation.

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