How to manually pull CDR records from CUCM for push customers


How can we manually pull CDR records from CUCM for a push based CUCM CDR collection customer environment?


If you have an issue with a customer that is missing CDR records from CUCM,  and they are using CUCM push for collecting CDR records,  there is a way to manually pull those records with CUCM without changing the collection back to CDRonDemand.

All you need to do is the following:

With a SSH terminal on the customers collector server,  just use the  following commands to send the files over to the collector server.   When executing the commands,  you will be prompted for a FTP server and user to use,  so you should use the same one in the billing server.  Suggest sending the files to a different directory, vs sending them to the default CUCM CDR collection folder,  which you will have to extract,  and then copy the CDR files over afterwards

ssh user@cucm.server
file list activelog cm/cdr_repository/processed
file get activelog cm/cdr_repository/processed recurs compress

Below is a sample screenshot of the above get command for reference.



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