Updating your Data Collector and Endpoint Monitor

The latest and best versions of the Vyopta Data Collector and Endpoint Monitor are versions 4.5 or higher. If you are currently on a 3.x version of this software in your installation, please check with support to determine what the best upgrade path is for you. 

The next generation of Data Collection and Endpoint Monitoring software is version 4.5 or higher.  Most customers should upgrade to this version for all the latest device support, fixes, and performance enhancements. Our downloads page always points to the latest version - https://www.vyopta.com/support/downloads/

There are certain UC environments that are not yet supported on version 4.x - Polycom devices, and certain immersive Endpoints for example.  If you have that environment and are on an older version of the 3.x software then you may want to upgrade to the latest 3.x version.

  • For Data Collector see this article for more info on the latest version.
  • For Endpoint Monitor, this article has the information on the latest version

If you are not sure what path you should take when upgrading, please contact support for assistance.

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