Which are the supported Browsers for CPM


Which are the supported Browsers for CPM?


As we innovate with the latest and greatest technologies in our Vyopta Cloud and to ensure you are getting the highest level of security, we can only support modern browsers with our CPM Suite of web applications.  We define a 'modern browser' as a browser that continues to receive new fix and feature updates from the vendor.

The modern browsers we use (and test with)

Google Chrome   (Windows,  Mac)   Click here

Firefox  (Windows,  Mac,  Linux)  - Click here

Microsoft Edge Chromium (Windows,  Mac) - Click here


Troubleshooting browser issues

If you are using the latest release of one of the above browsers,  and you encounter an issue,  please open a support ticket with us.  

It is a known issue that you may see formatting issues when viewing the Vyopta Admin Portal, if access to Google Fonts is restricted with your browser.  We recommend working with your IT team if you are having formatting issues,  before opening a ticket with Vyopta product support.

If you are not on the latest release of one of the above browsers, and you see an  issue, please update to the latest release of your browser, to see if it resolves your  issue.

If you are not using one of the three browsers,  please try and use one of our recommended browsers first before opening a support ticket with us.


All other browsers

If you are using a browser thats not in our list above,  it may still work with our CPM Suite of web application,  but we wont be able to guarantee support for it.   If the browser is a "modern" browser,  we would be happy to have a look, if you open a support ticket

In order to offer the best security for our customers,  unsupported/EOL (end of life) browsers will no longer be able to connect to the Vyopta Applications.


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