Custom Data Uploads and Downloads

In order to be able to upload files, it is first necessary to add a Custom File Uploader to your infrastructure, as follows:

From the Vyopta Admin Portal, select Infrastructure and then New Infrastructure - you will see a list of items that can be added 


Select CSV, and enter a name and description of your choice, then click on SAVEmceclip0.png

Once saved, return to your infrastructure list and ensure that the system is enabled.

Within a few minutes, the new load paths will be created in the directory where the collector is installed.

The paths for the data are now:

  • <installation directory> -> VyoptaUploads -> InputFiles
  • <installation directory> -> VyoptaUploads -> ProcessedFiles
  • <installation directory> -> VyoptaUploads -> MalformedFiles

Files should be placed in InputFiles to be uploaded. 


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