Vyopta Data Collector Server Sizing & Performance Considerations for Large CUCM Deployments


When deploying a Vyopta Data Collector for large Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) deployments, it is important to consider the server sizing and performance considerations. Based on our recommendations, a single Data Collector Virtual Machine (VM) should not be expected to support a call volume of more than 1,250,000 calls per day.

The general recommendation is based on the following reasonable assumptions:

- 1 CUCM Call Detail Record (CDR) is approximately 1KB in size
- The average upload rate of 0.2MB per second from the Data Collector VM to the Vyopta Data Receiver
- 10MB of Call Detail Records equates to ~1,000 Call Detail Records, per minute

The operating characteristics for Data Collection are highly variable – hourly call volume distribution, network topology, bandwidth, infrastructure location, infrastructure model/type, and utilization are all factors that will affect performance. 

Note: Adding other infrastructure systems will further reduce the capacity of the Data Collector VM.

In order to ensure successful communication between the Data Collector and the Call Manager, certain ports must be open. A table of the ports needed for each Call Manager can be found [here](https://support.vyopta.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046369453).

Before setting up the Call Manager, the Vyopta Data Collector needs to be deployed. For instructions on installing the Vyopta Data collector, [click here.](https://support.vyopta.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025530813)

By following these recommendations and taking into account the various factors that can affect performance, you can ensure that your Vyopta Data Collector is properly sized and configured for large CUCM deployments.

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