Overview of the Endpoints List in Admin Portal

The Endpoints List in Admin Portal displays a list of all video hardware endpoints that have been identified via connected UC infrastructure and/or have been manually added to Vyopta.

  • ID - Unique internal identifier for the endpoint
  • Name - The display name of the endpoint
  • Host - The IP Address is clickable to navigate to the Endpoint’s Codec admin page
  • Model - The identified model of the endpoint
  • Firmware - The firmware version currently running on the endpoint
  • Aliases - Any SIP, H323, or E164 addresses associated with the endpoint
  • Monitoring Groups - The Endpoint Monitoring Group the endpoint has been assigned to
  • Status - If an endpoint is in good standing, it will show an 'OK' status 
    • See below 'Endpoint Statuses and What They Mean' section for a list of other statuses
  • Status Time - Date and Time stamp of last endpoint status update



Endpoint Statuses and What They Mean:

  • No Credentials
    • No credentials were set in the Monitoring Group
    • Some endpoints in the group have a different password that must be set manually
  • Not Responding
    • Within the last 15 minutes, the Endpoint Monitor has been unable to establish a connection with the endpoint for one of the following reasons:
      1. The IP address specified in the Apps Portal does not match the IP address of the endpoint
      2. SSH is not enabled on the endpoint. Verify that this is enabled and port 22 is open on the network between the collector server and endpoints
      3. Cisco endpoints must have the SSH option: AllowPublicKey, set to ON
      4. Check Codec Configuration/User Administration. Make sure a password has been set for the codec admin account
      5. Make sure the account is not set to: “Require password change on next user sign in"
  • No Messages
    • Same as 'Not Responding', however, the duration of the Endpoint Monitor being unable to establish a connection with the endpoint has exceeded 15 minutes.
  • Endpoints Showing as Blank
    • Endpoints have not been added to Monitoring Group
  • Unsupported
    • Endpoints are not supported by the current version of Data Collector
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