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How can we set up SFTP in our environment? 


This document outlines how a third party SFTP server may be deployed to gather CUCM CDR records.

It should be noted that Vyopta do not recommend any particular SFTP server and presents this data as an example only.

The maintenance of the SFTP server and the connectivity from CUCM to same is the responsibility of the customer - the SFTP server does not comprise a part of the Vyopta product and therefore cannot be supported by Vyopta.

Example using freeFTPd

Step 1 - Download freeFTP.exe 



Step 2 - Install SFTP

Locate the downloaded file and right click to run as admin to begin the installation


Select C:\Vyopta\SFTP


Verify that Full Installation is selected


Name the Start Menu folder or leave defaulted name


Check the box to indicated if a desktop icon is created


Review the settings and correct any settings by selecting back


Click Yes to create private keys at this dialog.


This prompt will create freeFTPd to run as a service – select Yes


Install is complete.


Step 3 - Configure SFTP

Go to start/run/type in services.msc and set to Automatic under Startup Type.Find freeftpd service, stop service if running and select Disable under Startup Type.



On the Task menu, find the freeFTPd


and right click and run as administrator. Ensure the ftp server status and the sftp server status is Offline.


Select SFTP tab and ensure that the following values are set:Listen Address: Port: 22 SFTP root directory : C:\Vyopta\SFTP Select Apply & Save


Go to the Users Tab, add a new user and enter the following details :

  • Login: Vyopta
  • Authorization: Select "Password stored as SHA1 hash"
  • Password: Enter twice
  • Home Directory: C:\Vyopta\SFTP 
  • User can Access: SFTP server (Uncheck FTP Server)

Select Apply


Select the SFTP and click on the Start button and ensure that the server Status is Running ...

Also ensure the same by selecting the Status tab and checking the SFTP server status


In order to determine the actual host IP address of the SFTP server, perform the following steps:

  • DO NOT change the address, just ensure if you are able to view the same.
  • Go to the SFTP tab and drop down the list of Listen address to capture actual local address.
  • In the given example, actual host will be, the IP of the server.
  • 0.0.1 is the loop back address and refers to all interfaces.

Make note of the actual IP address which will be used in the next step.


Step 4 - Configure Vyopta Data Collector

The next steps require a user with Admin permissions. 

Go to the Vyopta Admin portal


Select Infrastructure tab


Disable the corresponding CUCM infrastructure.


Select the CUCM you want to configure and select the edit icon



Expand the CDR File Collection bar:


  • Check the box "Use External FTP?"
  • Fill in the settings based on the configuration of the SFTP server and File Path as set up previously when installing the FreeFTPd server. The External FTP Host is the IP address of the data collector server that is hosting the FreeFTPd service configured above.

Save these settings when complete.

Finally, scroll to the top of the CUCM page you are editing and enable the system.

Step 5 - Verify

To ensure that the changes are functioning correctly contact Vyopta support to validate the collection is live and data is flowing. 

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