Vyopta times out all the time


 I use Vypota for monitoring. It needs to remain up for extended periods. Often it will do this and then for no particular reason on the dedicated monitoring machine it logs out and then won't log in cleanly again. It will take multiple attempts to login and then it won't stay up timing out in under a minute.

The message is "Due to inactivity or session length you have been timed out. Please log back in."

There is a hard time-out on the relevant pages, due to the security requirements of many of our customers, and therefore by design it is not possible to circumvent this, even by using activity simulators such as Caffeine.


Solution: 1

Once the session has timed out, browsers may retain a cookie that, when re-presented to the servers is invalid. The solution to this is as follows:

  1. Go to the Vyopta Admin Portal, when presented with the error message upon logging in, click on the 'Logout' link in the top-righthand corner. Closing the window or tab before clicking this link will NOT clear the problem.
  2. Once you have clicked this link, you should be presented with a login form that will enable you to log in cleanly. 

Solution: 2

If the above fails to resolve your issue, the following steps should be implemented.

Check the system time on your computer and make sure that it accurately matches a standard time source - for example www.time.gov or your local equivalent. A local computer time that is off by nearly a minute or so from the actual time can cause an auto logout on Vyopta. 

When you log in, a security token is sent to your computer and timestamped. After five minutes, that token is returned to the host. If the timestamp on the returned security token is outside an allowable window when matched with the current official time, you will be logged out.

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