Set Up for BlueJeans using Admin Portal

Step 1 - Create App Key and App Secret

To begin, a BlueJeans administrator will need to create an App Key and App Secret, in the BlueJeans admin console, by perform the following:

  1. Login to BlueJeans using an existing administrator account (must be an admin account).
  2. Select 'Group Settings' under the 'Admin' heading.
  3. Create the App Key and App Secret by selecting 'Add New App'.
  4. Save the new App Key and App Secret.

Note: When adding a new BlueJeans environment to the Vyopta Data Collector, please generate a new App Key and App Secret for each environment.

Figure 16-1: Enabling App Key and Secret for BlueJeans

That’s it! You should now have your App Key and App Secret, with which BlueJeans can be added to the Vyopta Data Collector.

Note: Make sure to record your App Key and App Secret as they will be used to connect BlueJeans to Vyopta via API.


Step 2 - Connect BlueJeans

To add a BlueJeans Connector requires the following:

  • Access to your organization’s BlueJeans Admin portal.
  • Credentials for your BlueJeans App Key and App Secret.
  • Vyopta Data Collector version 3.4.5 or higher.

Please follow the instructions below to add your BlueJeans instance to Data Collection:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Portal.
  2. On the 'Infrastructure' tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the New Infrastructure button.
  3. Select BlueJeans in the Infrastructure menu.                       Screen_Shot_2020-05-12_at_1.47.56_PM.png
  4. Enter a name for your BlueJeans instance and a description (if desired).
  5. Next, accept the default API URL (auto-populated - "").
  6. Input the Login (App Key) and Password (App Secret).
  7. Click Save.  Screen_Shot_2020-05-12_at_1.47.39_PM.png

BlueJeans Server Reference Table


Data Collector

Vyopta Data Collector 3.4.5 or higher

User/Service Account

BlueJeans admin account with full Administrator privileges. Please note that admin rights are required to generate App Key and App Secret.

TCP Ports

Vyopta Data Collector outbound to the BlueJeans API

TCP 443 (https)

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