IP Addresses for Vyopta Applications

As a modern SaaS application, Vyopta is implemented in a Cloud computing environment. We cannot guarantee static IPV4 addresses in that environment. If customers have an older firewall infrastructure that requires IP addresses for external access, it is their responsibility to perform regular checking of Vyopta Host Name to IP address translation using a DNS query tool, for instance nslookup or dig, and keep their infrastructure updated accordingly. 

For customers who require IP addresses to access our cloud infrastructure, the following host names should be used to determine IP addresses

The following host names should be translated to IPV4 addresses for addition to your firewall whitelist:


Depending on the security level of your browser, you may have to accept the certificate error, since certificates on both of these servers are registered to a domain and not valid for an IP address

If you are not able to access our site using the IP addresses provided above, please check with your network team to verify that you are able to access those addresses, and that your collector server is able to access the internet.  If you are still not able to connect after the validation with your network team, please open a support ticket with us by sending an email to support@vyopta.com, and we will further assist you.

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