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Set up for Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) in Admin Portal


Step 1 - Set up a Service Account for Skype for Business (SfB)

Note: Requires (at least) version 4.3.x. of the Vyopta Data Collector.

The service account for this component will be added to three (3) SfB SQL Server databases, with read-only privileges. You must determine where the SfB SQL Server databases are located within your environment. Check with your SfB administrator or SQL DBA for more information. The steps for creating these service accounts may be carried out separately by that admin.

Note: For setup instructions using Windows Authentication for Skype for Business, please contact Vyopta support at

Once you have identified where the SQL Server is located, you must verify that the server has Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or download that software application to your local computer. To create a service account on the SfB SQL Server, perform the following:

  1. Using SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the database used by SfB.
  2. Log in with a SQL Server Administrator account or Local Administrator account.

Note: The administrator account must have write privileges to create a service account.

  1. Navigate to the Security > Logins folder.
  2. Right click on the Logins folder and choose New Login, which should display the following:
    Figure 10-1: SQL User Creation Screen
  1. Create a local database user account with the following information:
  2. Fill in the Login Name. We recommend using a descriptive name like vyopta_svc, as has been done in this example.
  3. Select SQL Server Authentication.
  4. Assign a Password and confirm the password.
  5. Uncheck Enforce Password Policy.
  6. Select User Mapping in the left-hand column.
  7. Select the LcsCDR database to provide the account access to the database.
  8. Once the database has been selected, you must identify the role membership. Select the db_datareader and public
  9. Repeat steps 12 and 13 for the QoEMetrics & xds databases in the database List.
  10. Click OK to create the user.
    Figure 10-2: SQL User Role Mapping Screen
  1. You will need to identify the Instance Name of the SQL Server hosting the Skype for Business database that will be the target of the Vyopta Data Collector. Your database administrator may be able to provide this information directly, or you can perform the following:
    a. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager application and select the SQL Server Services tab as displayed below:

    Figure 10-3: SQL Server Configuration Manager

    b. Identify the Instance Name of the SQL Server hosting the SfB Database. In the example above the SQL Server Instance Name is RTC.
    c. Document this information to use in adding the SfB Connector.

You have now created a new database read-only user account on the SfB database. This account is configured to be a service account for use when setting up data collection to SfB in the Vyopta Admin Portal.

Step 2 - Setup Microsoft Skype for Business Realtime (only required for CPM monitoring)

This step is not required for analytics and reporting of Skype meetings and participants and can be added later if live monitoring of Skype meetings is desired. Skip to Step 3 if you are not adding a Microsoft Skype for Business SDN Interface at this time.

Note: Skype for Business CPM Monitoring requires at least version 4.3.x of the Vyopta Data Collector and version 2.4.1 of Microsoft Skype for Business SDN. For more information about SDN see the Deploying Skype for Business SDN Interface documentation published by Microsoft.

If your organization meets thesrequirements above, please contact oyour dedicated Sales Account Manager for more information.

Microsoft Skype for Business SDN Interface Online Resources

To add a Microsoft Skype for Business CPM Monitoring requires the following:

  1. Microsoft Skype for Business SDN Interface must be installed, configured and deployed you’re your existing production SfB environment.

  2. If SDN is operational, please ensure that QoS is operational by running the following command on the Skype for Business server:
    PS C:> Get-CsMediaConfiguration
    … which should return a set of values where it can be verified that:
    EnableInCallQoS : True

  3. After verifying the QoS, please ensure that QoE is operational by running the following command on the Skype for Business server:
    PS C:> Get-CsQoEConfiguration
    … which should return a set of values where it can be verified that:
    EnableQoE : True

  4. If either of these values are ‘false’ then set to ‘true’ by running the following:
    Set-CsMediaConfiguration –EnableQoS $true –EnableInCallQoS $True
  5. Log into the SDN Manager and run the following commands from command line:
    a. Set ‘hidepii’ to False:     
    SDNManager.exe /p m hidepii=False
    b. Configure the SDN manager to send SDN logs to Vyopta Subscriber:
    SDNManager.exe /p s Vyopta submituri=http://<datacollector_ip_or_fqdn>:22280/adr/skype
    c. Add additional SDN manager commands for Vyopta Subscriber:
    SDNManager.exe /p s Vyopta signaling=True
    SDNManager.exe /p s Vyopta sendrawsdp=True
  1. Additionally, verify that the XDS database has the same permissions as the QoE and LcsCDR databases as noted in steps 1-14 of section 10.1.

Step 3 - Add a Microsoft Skype for Business Connector

Note: For setup instructions using Windows Authentication for Skype for Business, please contact Vyopta support at This requires (at least) version 4.3.x of the Vyopta Data Collector.

To add a Microsoft Skype for Business Server Connector requires the following:

  • Access to the FQDN/IP address of the Server hosting the Skype for Business SQL Databases from the Vyopta Data Collector
  • Credentials for the Microsoft SQL Server service account created in the previous section
  • Knowledge of the SQL port type (static or dynamic) and if dynamic, the port value defined within Microsoft SQL Configuration Manager
  • TCP/IP Connectivity enabled for the SQL Server within SQL Configuration Manager

Please follow the instructions below to add Microsoft Skype for Business:

  1. Login to the Vyopta Admin Portal as Administrator and continue to the Infrastructure screen
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your infrastructure list and select New Infrastructure
  3. Select +Skype
  4. Enter the Skype Host Details including the name of the system as you would like to see it displayed in Vyopta CPM.
  5. Enter the description. This can include the device type, location, and other unique identifiers.
  6. Enter the SQL Server Database Server hostname (or IP address).

Note:  We recommend using hostname rather than IP as IP addresses are subject to change. It is also helpful to name the infrastructure in a 'friendly' or easily understood way.

  1. Leave the Port Number of the SQL Server blank (unless changed from the default value of 1433).
  2. Add the SQL database 
  3. Add the LcsCDR SQL Server Instance Name and Database Name.
  4. Select whether the service account is set up as native to the databases or requires Windows authentication (if Windows authentication is required, contact Vyopta support).
  5. Enter the username and password of the Microsoft SQL Server service account created previously.
  6. If the Skype SQL database is using a different time zone from the Vyopta data collector server, enter the time zone. Otherwise, leave blank.
  7. Save the settings 
  8. Click Validate to ensure that the Vyopta Data Collector application can connect to the LcsCDRScreen_Shot_2020-05-19_at_6.17.36_PM.png
  9. If the connection to the LcsCDR database succeeds, expand the next section, QOE Database Settings
  10. Repeat the above steps for the QoEMetrics database (Note: the QoE Metrics database may reside on a separate SQL server instance. Check with your SfB Admin or SQL DBA as needed.)
  11. If the connection to the QoEMetrics database succeeds, expand the next section, XDS Database Settings
  12. Repeat the previous steps for the XDS database connection.


Microsoft Skype for Business Reference Table

Skype for Business


Version 2015 or above

Device Access

Server IP/FQDN of S4B/Skype for Business database server/cluster responsible for reporting

User/Service Account

Local read-only database account that has access to the ‘LcsCDR’, ‘QoEMetrics’ and ‘xds’ databases.


(required for CPM Monitoring support only)

Microsoft Skype for Business SDN 2.4.1

TCP Ports

* Vyopta Data Collector to SQL database server/cluster

TCP 1433*

* Port can vary depending on customer environment; Exact port to be provided by Customer Skype for Business DBA team

Inbound from SDN Manager to TCP 22280 on the Vyopta Data Collector server which listens for incoming SfB real-time data

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