CUCM CDR Collection Issues


We have created this knowledge document to cover common troubleshooting issues that cause CDR data from CUCM to stop collecting back to Vyopta.


Please perform the following tasks:

1) Navigate to the Admin Portal and log in with your administrative username and password.


2) Once logged in you will be taken to home page. The data collector service version being used along with information indicating the machine that it is running on will be shown in the status bar at the top of the screen. 


3) Navigate to the Infrastructure tab, locate the CUCM server that's having collection issues, and click the "edit" button on the right side. Step through the edit process and click on Validate to make sure it passes validation. If there's any problem with validation, please ensure that IP address, username, and password are correct.

If the above 3 steps work,  but you are still not getting CUCM CDR data,  please take the following steps:

Pull based CDR collection from CUCM  (default)

For pull based CUCM we leverage the AXL service in CUCM for the delivery of CDR data into the Vyopta Data Collector.    

Here is an easy way to test out this mechanism if you expect you are not getting data back from CUCM.

On the machine that's running your Data Collector (in step 3 above),  please open a web browser,  and test if the AXL services are responding with your CUCM instance.


If prompted for a username and password,  please supply the username and password that was supplied in the vAnalytics Data Collector utility to connect to your CUCM instance.  If the above URLs do not respond,  or return an error (such as a 500 error) then you will need to troubleshoot the issue with your CUCM administrator.

If you see any other error,  please review our CPM Deployment guide  and review your settings for CUCM collection.

Push based CDR collection from CUCM (FTP)

For this collection,  you would have set up a custom FTP service and changed CUCM to have a 'Billing Application Server Parameter' entry as supplied in the configuration document below

CUCM Push Based CDR Collection

Typically the root cause why we have CDR collection issues,  is due to a network change (port closed) or the FTP service is down.   To troubleshoot this issue,  please perform the following steps 

Start a call between 2 registered endpoints on the CUCM that you are not collecting CDR data from.

  1. End a call. Check under the Directory Path specified under Billing Application Server Parameters, for the CDR file.
  2. If the file is not there, test the FTP connection in the Billing Application server to see if you are able to connect to it locally,  or from your workstation.  Also check that your freeFTPd service is set to running in your services panel,  and that the service is set to start automatically

If you continue to have issues with your CUCM Pushed Based CDR collection.  Please review the steps to make sure nothing in your environment has changed in this document.  CUCM Push Based CDR Collection.

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