CMS (Acano) CDR Collection Issues with Admin Portal

CMS (Acano) CDR Collection Issues with Admin Portal

We have created this knowledge document to cover common troubleshooting issues that cause CDR data from CMS to stop collecting back to Vyopta. Before following these steps, please perform the following tasks:

  1. Login to with your administrative username and password.
  2. From the top right corner, navigate to the admin portal admin portal
  3. Select the Infrastructure section to view the list of your infrastructure. Within this list, locate the CMS server that's having collection issues, click the "edit" button (pencil icon) on the right side. Step through the settings to confirm the IP address, username, and password are correct. Then click on "Validate" to make sure it passes validation. If there's any problem with validation, please ensure that IP address, username, and password are correct.

If the above 3 steps work, but you are still not getting CMR CDR data, please do the following steps:

  • Next, log into your CMS Configuration Portal using your administrator credentials, and click on the CDR settings tab.
  • Check that one of the URL's in the CDR settings tab contains the address of the collector machine and specifies port 22180.
  • After a couple of minutes, check your CMS logs and see if you had any errors related to connecting to the data collector (IPaddr:22180). A common issue is that a port or network setting has been changed, or that the IP address of the server that is hosting the vAnalytics data collector has changed.
  • If you believe the URL in the CMS to be correct, but we are seeing issues, open a browser on the collector machine and paste the URL from the CMS CDR settings page. If you are able to connect to the server on 22180, you should see a page come back with OK in your browser.
  • If you do not receive the OK and are receiving an error, then open a command window and run the following command:
    netstat -an | findstr 22180
  • From the result of the above command, you should see a in LISTENING mode. If you don't see this, verify that your data collector is running in the services panel. If it is, please reach out to Vyopta support for further assistance.
  • If you are able to connect locally, try and connect to the server from another machine that's in the same network segment as your CMS server. You won't be able to test this from your CMS server, but if you have a Windows server, you can try from the browser, or if you have a Linux/Unix server, you can try 'curl <url-from-notepad>' and see the response that comes back.
  • If you are still not able to connect, you may have to reach out to your network team to further troubleshoot. Please reach out to Vyopta support if you need further assistance.
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