How to add an Endpoint to Vyopta - General


Usually an endpoint will be automatically added to Vyopta once it is managed by CUCM, TMS or RPRM. However, you may want to add an endpoint that is not managed by one of these systems or is cloud managed.

1) For best results, verify that you are using the latest version of the Vyopta Data Collector in your environment. 

If you haven't installed the new Vyopta Collector,  you can follow the instructions below

Installing the new Vyopta Collector 4.0

2) The only step you need to do is manually enter the endpoint in the Vyopta Admin portal


Select Endpoints tab and scroll to the bottom of your list and select 'New Endpoint'.


Enter the endpoint details:


Fill out the following fields:

  • Hostname
  • Host Address
  • Login (admin user is required)
  • Password

SIP or other alias is optional as this will typically be automatically collected once the endpoint is successfully monitored. 

3) Once you click on SAVE,  we will begin collecting data on the endpoint. 

4) Add the new endpoint to a Monitoring (Access) group in the Admin portal to begin live monitoring of status and calls by that endpoint.  Make sure that the user account for the monitoring group you add the endpoint to is the same user (service account) that is running your Vyopta collector.

For more information on endpoint synchronization, please refer to the Endpoint Sync Issues article.

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