Adding Control Hub cloud registered Endpoints to Endpoint Monitoring with the Vyopta Admin Portal


How can we add control hub cloud registered endpoints to endpoint monitoring with the Vyopta Admin Portal?


The Vyopta Endpoint Monitor service can be used to monitor Webex Cloud Registered Endpoints and Webex Boards. Here is how to prepare your cloud registered endpoints for monitoring with our service.  

When an endpoint is registered with Control Hub,  you loose the ability to configure the endpoint directly with the local endpoint portal using the Admin user.   Because of this change,  you will need to access the endpoint's local portal using Control Hub to create and enable a local-admin user for the EPM service to monitor with.

Here are the steps to enable a local-admin account on an endpoint

  • Log into your Control Hub and select Devices from the left menu,  you should see a screenshot as shown below.   


  •  Click on the endpoint you would like to monitor so you can see the screen below.   We will now click on the Web Portal link to launch the endpoint's local portal.  


  • You will see the following confirmation  from Control Hub before accessing the endpoint's portal.  As per the notice,  you will need to be on the same network as the endpoint for this to work



  • At this point,  you should be seeing the local portal for the endpoint  (in this case of the screenshot below,  this is a DX80).   Since the endpoint is registered with Control-Hub,  the endpoint's Admin user is disabled.   Our endpoint monitor will require a local admin account to be set up on the endpoint,  so we are able to monitor the endpoint directly.   At this time,  click on the User entry on the left rail as shown by the red arrow.



  • You should see the available users on the endpoint.   Typically you will only see one user called 'admin' with the status of 'inactive'.  What we want to do is create a second admin user (admin-local in this case) that we can use for monitoring the endpoint.   Click on the Create User button to launch the new user screen


  • Here is the user screen where you can create or edit the user.   Please make sure all role entries are selected in the red box.  Note, this account should have a different user name than "admin" since that is the Control Hub access account. Also, uncheck the "Require passphrase change..."

  • When complete, close the codec webpage, then confirm that you can log in to the codec web UI using the local IP address with this new admin account.


  • Finally, you will need to add the endpoint manually using the Admin Portal.


  •  In addition to the Name, IP address, and credentials, you could optionally add the endpoint's cloud URI in the SIP field. We don't use it today, but when we start pulling CDR data from the codec into CPM Analytics, it may prove useful. Ex.


  • Lastly, add the endpoint to an Endpoint Monitor access group, save and look for the OK status in the Admin Portal. 
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