Why am I receiving alerts for an endpoint with a disconnected peripheral such as a microphone?



Why am I receiving false alerts for a disconnected peripheral on a specific endpoint. This endpoint does not normally have a peripheral connected to it.


If a peripheral is connected to an endpoint, even temporarily, Vyopta will detect the device and it will be automatically registered. Once the peripheral is removed, Vyopta alerts will be sent.

Common reasons to temporarily connect a peripheral are:

  • Testing - a microphone, camera, etc... maybe added for testing purposes.
  • Individual - sometimes an individual prefers their own peripheral, etc... They will connect the device for a meeting and remove it when they are finished.

In these and other cases, the peripheral will be automatically registered. Once the peripheral is removed, alerts will be sent. 

In order to solve this issue you can follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Endpoints Dataset in Tech Insights Monitoring.
  2. Click on the endpoint name.
  3. A new tab will open with the details for the selected endpoint.
  4. In the lower right hand section is a list of peripheral for this endpoint.
  5. Click on the trashcan icon for the peripheral causing the alert.
  6. Select OK in the confirmation window and the peripheral will be removed.

Note: If the peripheral is ever reconnected, it will be automatically re-registered.



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