How do I check the status & version of the Vyopta Data Collector that is being used in my environment?


How do I check the status & version of the Vyopta Data Collector that is being used in my environment? Keeping a tab on the version and the status of the Vyopta Data collector is essential to maintain your environment. Whenever there is an issue in your environment regarding data collection with endpoints or infrastructures, you can start off by first checking the status of your data collector in the admin portal.


If you have administrative access with your Vyopta account, all you need to do is select the Admin Portal from the Vyopta application window. If you are not an administrator for your Vyopta Account, you would need to have someone with that role perform these steps.


Once you have logged into the site, you will be viewing the Admin Portal Home page. Visible in the top middle of that page is an indicator of the status of your Vyopta collectors.

  • Green - Collector is up and running
  • Red - Collector has been stopped
  • Yellow - Collector has just stopped

Hovering your mouse pointer over that indicator will drop down a small window that will show the version of Data Collectors that are running in your environment. If you have different versions of the Data Collector and Endpoint Monitor both will be listed.


If you wish to see more details you can then click on the small down arrow to see all information on the collector.


The "App Type" field will indicate whether this is the Data Collector (AppType: VyoptaCollector) or the Endpoint Monitor (AppType: vAnalytics) We always recommend using our newest version of our Collectors if you run into issues with your existing monitoring. If you open a support ticket with us, we might request you to reproduce the issue with our current GA release, since products we monitor are constantly changing (including Firmware).

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