What should I be using for my Media Load Limit for CMS in the Admin Portal?


When I add my CMS server in the Vyopta Admin Portal, I am receiving the default value of 1250 for my Server Medial Load Limit. I have different types and capacity for my CMS servers, so I need to make changes to them. What can I change the value to? screenshot_2307.png


You can find out what your Media Load Limit by viewing the Acano Media Load Settings link. Currently the link is publishing these recommendations... 04_12_23_1_.jpg


To change the value, you can overwrite the value in the '*Server Media Load Limit*' with a value shown as suggested by the Acano link above. Having the correct Load Limit will help show the capacity for Media Load for your CMS server in Tech Insights Monitoring. *If you need to change the setting for Media Load, you will need to disable the collection for CMS to make the change, and once you have made the change, you can re-enable the collection.*

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