Microsoft Teams Integration

The connection between Vyopta and Microsoft Teams is cloud to cloud and will not require any configuration to be made to the infrastructure data collector. Vyopta uses OAuth method to Authenticate and collect data from Microsoft Teams.

Required Authorization level

Global Administrator Access

The Authorizing User needs to have Global Administrator access within their Microsoft Teams tenant to authorize Vyopta data collection.

Required Scopes

Microsoft allows Vyopta to utilize the Microsoft Graph API to capture calls taking place using Microsoft Teams and to gather data on Microsoft Teams Rooms. 

Below are the scopes Vyopta requests during authorization:

Scope Permission Microsoft Reference
User.Read Allows Vyopta to sign-in to the app and allows the app to read the profile of the signed-in users. It also allows the app to read basic company information of sign-in users. Link


Allows Vyopta to read users profiles.  


Allows Vyopta to read call records for all calls and online meetings Link


Allows Vyopta to read the management data for Teams devices.


Creating the Teams Infrastructure

  1. Log into your Vyopta account (requires someone with Admin privileges) 
  2. Select the Admin Portal from the Product Selection menumceclip0.png
  3. Select infrastructure and then New Infrastructure
  4. Locate and select the Microsoft Teams box
  5. Add name and description for the Microsoft Teams integration. These are user friendly fields. Note: the Graph API Url is pre-populated and cannot be modified.
  6. Save the infrastructure

Authorizing Microsoft Teams

When adding a Microsoft Teams system for which OAuth authorization is required, the following steps should be undertaken:

  1. Scroll down to MSTEAMS Authorization and expand the sectionmceclip0.png
  2. Click on the "CLICK TO AUTHORIZE" button
  3. You should then be presented with a Microsoft login prompt. This login should be completed using the credentials for a user that has the Global Admin role.

  4. Once logged in, the following is displayed

  5. After accepting, you will be brought back to the Vyopta infrastructure page with MSTEAMS Authorization populated. Now that the Vyopta is authorized, the app will be auto enabled.



When you try to validate immediately after a successful authorization, there is a chance you may hit the following validation error. “com.vyopta.msteams.master.MsTeamsDataCollector: REST API call failed: returned 403: Forbidden”. This is expected as Microsoft takes anywhere between 10 mins to 2 hrs to enable the API integration within their application systems. In the event of this failed validation, you may still be able to enable the system after accepting a warning message to continue enabling the system.    If not,  please try and validate and enable once again after 2 hours,  at which time you should have a successful validation for your Microsoft Teams collection.
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