Same-day Call and Meeting Reporting in Tech Insights Monitoring Using Improved Panel Filters

Do you need a way to be able to use Tech Insights Monitoring reports to present intra-day snapshots and / or trend data on calls and meetings of various types? You can now accomplish that using new filters on Tech Insights Monitoring panels in dashboards. Previously, before filtering was available, you could not break out specific meetings or call types in Tech Insights Monitoring to be able to report on trends during the day. You needed to wait for Tech Insights Analytics processing overnight to be able to show this level of specific data.

Examples of new trends that you can report on during the day would include:

  • Total calls by quality (Good, Bad, Fair, Unknown, All Calls)
    • Grouped by Source, Target, Endpoint Name, System Name, Data Source
    • Filtered by Source, Target, Endpoint Name, System Name, Data Source
  • Meetings by quality (Good, Bad, Fair, Unknown)
    • Grouped by System Name, Host, System Type
    • Filtered by System Name, Host, System Type

This lets you report out on items of interest such as Reporting on all calls and meetings:





How to Create the Panels you need

This example will add metrics for monitoring live calls but equally applicable to other platforms.

Step 1 - Copy a Dashboard

It is recommended to first Duplicate the dashboard that you are working with, such as the Tech Insights Monitoring Home Dashboard:


Rename the new "Home" dashboard based on its purpose, such as calls by clicking the name and entering a new name.

Step 2 - Add filtering per panel

Then select the new calls dashboard and start filtering the results of each panel. For instance, for the single number KPI panels, select the gear icon and in the filter field add the appropriate filter:


Do this for each of the KPI panels.

Note, in this example, calls will be in the Unknown quality column until the API is enabled for all customers.

The Call listing panels and the call quality trend panels can be edited in a similar manner:



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