Reduce Polling for Large or High Traffic CUCM Deployments


Large or busy CUCM deployments polling for CDR files generate a lot of traffic. How can we reduce polling for large or high traffic CUCM deployments?


  1. For large Call Manager deployments (i.e., More than 5 nodes or with multiple clusters, or when there is high traffic) it is recommended to adjust the following parameters under Cisco Unified CM Administration > System > Enterprise Parameters from their default values in order to facilitate timely CDR collection: 
  • CDR File Time Interval: By increasing this value from the default of 1 minute to 5 minutes, the number of CDR files will be reduced by a factor of 5 with no impact on CUCM performance. Please ensure that any other CDR reporting / billing solutions will not be adversely affected by changing this parameter. 
  • Allowed CDRonDemand get_file Queries per Minute: For larger Call Manager deployments (greater than 20 total nodes) it is recommended to increase this value from the default value of 10 to 20, which will assist in CDR collection with no impact on CUCM performance.

2. Consider making use of the CDR Push facility if appropriate please see Configuring Push Based CDR Collection for more information.

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