Adding Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)

Step 1 - Set up Service Account for Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)

To utilize CMS meeting and user reporting APIs, a service account with read-only administrator access must be created:

  1. SSH into the CMS box using any convenient command line utility.
  2. Login with the Administrator account (e.g. admin@
  3. Enter the following command: user add vyopta_svc api
  4. Type in the vyopta_svc user account password.

Note: By default, CMS provisions new account passwords with a 180-day duration, meaning that you will need to update the password on the service account twice yearly. If your corporate service account policies permit, you may want to extend this default duration before adding the vyopta_svc account.

To change the default user account password duration, after logging into the CMS command line interface with your administrator account, but before adding the vyopta_svc account, enter the following command:

user rule password_age NNNN

where NNNN is the number of days before a password expires. So to set the default expiration to yearly, enter:

user rule password_age 1825

If you have already added the Vyopta service account but want to extend its expiration duration, you still enter the above command, followed by:

passwd vyopta_svc

You'll then be prompted to confirm your administrator password to allow you to do this, then simply reenter the existing password on the vyopta_svc account. It does not need to change to be refreshed -- and if you do change it, you will need to update it on the Vyopta apps management portal.

  1. To verify that the API role is set (and the password expiration, if changed), enter the following command: user list 
  2. Close the SSH session.
    Figure 1-1
    : CMS User Account Information

Step 2 - Add a CMS Connector

To add a CMS Connector requires the following:

  • Access to your organization’s CMS Webpage from the Vyopta Data Collector
  • Credentials for the CMS read-only API service account established in the previous step (Section 1, Set up a Service Account for Cisco Meeting Server (CMS))

Please follow the instructions below to add the CMS instance:

  1. Navigate to  the Vyopta Admin Portal and log in with your Vyopta credentials
  2. Select the Infrastructure menu or Icon, then select New Infrastructuremceclip0.png
  3. From the selection of infrastructure types, click +CMS

  4. Fill in the connection and account details for your CMS:
  5. Name: Enter a user friendly name
    Description: Enter the server description
    Host Address: Enter either the IP address or the URL for the server
    Host Port: Enter the host port (typically port 443)
    Login: Enter the username for the service account created in Step 1
    Password: Enter the password for the service account created in Step 1
    Protocol: Select either HTTP or HTTPS
  6. Click save and save the configuration settings.
  7. A new menu will now appear, allowing you to specify the parameters of the CMS server
  8. Server Type: Select VM, X2, or X3
    Max 720P Calls: Enter the maximum number of 720P calls supported
    Media Tokens Limit: Enter the number of media tokens if needed
    Server Media Load Limit: Enter the server media load limit
    Select the option for CMS is Edge Only if necessary

    Note: If you are on a fractionally licensed X2 / X3 then please add as a VM instead and specify your max concurrent HD calls.

  9. At this point, select save, and enable the server by clicking the slider button at the top of the configuration window. The system will attempt to connect to and validate the CMS server. Once validated, a URL link will be displayed for the CDR forward URL. Copy this and paste it into the CDR Forward URL field under CMS settings.
  10. For Acano versions prior to 1.8 or for deployments which require more than 2 CDR streams, please contact

Note: Port 22280 is the default port over which the Vyopta Data Collector will listen for inbound CMS CDR data. If this port is not open in your network environment then you can Submit a ticket


Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) Reference Table



Acano 1.7 or above, CMS 2.0.0 or above

Device Access

Server IP/FQDN of CMS device(s)

User/Service Account

Local account with read-only API access enabled.

TCP Ports

Vyopta Data Collector to CMS

TCP 443*

CMS CDR forward push to Vyopta Data Collector

TCP 22280

Note: the management port can be set to a separate port such as TCP 445 so please confirm the correct port with your CMS administrator.

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