Adding new users as an Administrator with Admin Portal


How can I add a new user using the admin portal?


Individual users can sign up for an account in Vyopta using the process described here: Signing up as a new user in Vyopta

You can also add new users to your company's instance as an Admin following the steps below.

1. Open the Admin portal and login with your administrator login and password.

2. Select Users


3. Select the New User button to add a new user


4. Fill in the fields offered with user information, role, and group. Information on permissions and roles is available here: Vyopta Roles and Permissions


5. Save the user information by clicking on "SAVE" 

6. If you need to assign a password. Find the user you just added in the User list and click the lock symbol in the Actions column - mceclip4.png

Fill out the password fields. 


7. Inform the new user of their username (equal to the email address) and the password you assigned. 

The new users will receive an email notification and can proceed to the login screen

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